Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's that noise?

Shhhhh----Do you hear it? It's the sound of Moms and Dads weeping. Today is the last day of school in our town, and in a matter of hours hundreds of kids will be dragging their feet, sighing, and muttering about how bored they are.

So, more than three months since my last post. Still pathetic. But I'm vowing to do better this summer. How about at least one post per week? I joined Ravelry about a month ago, and I'm able to keep up with that, so I'm hopeful for this blog. Plus we have a new camera, which may make the picture aspect easier.

Today I've got 12 skeins to load into Ravelry (so much for that yarn resolution), I'm nearly finished with my latest pair of socks, and hope to cast on a new pair later today. That's inbetween dropping HRH off at school (Da Man has an early meeting) and picking her up at 1pm.

Photos soon, maybe. I know better than to make promises.

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