Thursday, June 21, 2007

Too much yarn?

That's a question I've been thinking about over the past two days. I know *I* have too much yarn. Just looking at my stash basket reveals over a dozen skeins purchased in just one week. And that doesn't include the two plastic bins in my upstairs closet.

That also doesn't include the 4 skeins I bought from One Planet while waiting for them to load their new stock of Yarn Pirate. That also doesn't include the 4 skeins I bought this morning from the Loopy Ewe in their great big sneak up.

In the early hours of the morning after I read my email and check the blogs, I sometimes wander around looking at new yarns. Yesterday I got caught in the handpainted yarn vortex. I would find a yarn I hadn't heard of before. Which would lead me to a store that I hadn't heard of before. Which would lead me to another yarn I hadn't heard of before. And then they all started to look the same. There was a lot of pink. A lot of pink-brown-white colorways. Some of them even had the same name! And I started thinking, who is buying all of this yarn? (Well besides me, he he) Will there ever be a point where there's just TOO MUCH YARN out there for us? Clearly, I'm buying yarn at a much faster rate than I can use it. So from now on, I'm going to focus on those rare yarns, the artistic dyers who come up with creations so unique that I know I'll never see them repeated anywhere.

Well, I'm going to *try*.

My Rockin Sock Kit arrived today, and I'm amazed that I wasn't last again. In their first shipment in February, there were people who had finished their pair of socks before I even got my kit! Talk about shipping glitches! Anyway, no spoilers here, but I will say that this is my favorite yarn/pattern combination so far. I'll start them when I finish my monkeys.

And speaking of the monkeys, I just finished the first, and I hope to cast on the second tonight, but there's other stuff to be done around here. Stuff that doesn't involve yarn, sadly.

I like the monkeys. I swore I would run short on the yarn, but the first one took only 38g. It's a great fit, and it should be considering I started them on 2's, switched to 1's after the first pattern repeat, could barely get the sock over my arch so switched back to 2's after the gusset decrease, and then back to 1's again to tighten up the toe. I hope I remember where I did all that.

I'm also liking the colorway a lot. "Illusion". Very moody, smoky. Very me. Very my mom too. But I bought two skeins, so she might luck out.

Tomorrow's a marathon day for me. Herself has an appointment at Children's Hospital (ask me how much I like driving into downtown Boston--NOT!) and Da Man is at a conference teaching a course, drinking bad coffee, and going out to a function afterwards. So herself will have the pleasure of my company for the whole day and evening. Wish me luck.

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