Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Whose stupid idea was this summer vacation thing?

Oy. I was up at 5am as usual and at 5:40 I heard the creak of someone's little feet down the stairs.

"Good Morning Mommy!"

By 7am she was in tears because it "hurt to put my socks on."

Thankfully by 8 we had our happy faces back on, and we even cleaned up the downstairs pretty well before we left for the bookstore.

I bought 4 or 5. No knitting books. Not even a magazine.

Herself stocked up on workbooks, a Ratatouille coloring book, and a hideous Princess thing. I let that one slide in the interest of domestic harmony.

I bought more yarn last night. Sundara updated her one of a kinds yesterday--go take a peek.

I really love her sport weight for socks. Very squarshy. I like me a squarshy sock when it's cold. I came away with Blue Violet over cotton candy, Eggplant over cream, and black over cherry in her sport merino, as well as Black Currant and Midnight in laceweight. Yeah, I know it's a lot, but she's going on vacation and won't be updating her store for another month or so. Wouldn't want to have an emergency or anything, right?

I'm also waiting for my June Rocking Sock Club shipment, and, come to think of it, I also joined Sundara's sock club which ships in June. I love automated yarn!

No photos today. I'm close to starting the heel flap on the Monkey socks, and all is well on that front.

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Rick said...

"It hurts to put my socks on!" That's just too funny. :-)