Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feelin Lucky?

Sometime in early May I realized that I'd be receiving the May shipment of the Rockin Sock Club, and I hadn't touched the March kit yet. I've been really down on myself for joining so many clubs lately, but never completing them, so I thought I'd make an effort with this one.

It was an interesting pattern, but the heel construction was something I had never seen before. By the time I had finished turning the heel, I realized I had made a major mistake. It wasn't critical to the sock design, but I realized I wouldn't be able to finish the sock as is. So I ripped it back to the beginning of the heel, assuming I could just correct my mistake and move on. I couldn't, due to some essential place markers that I had ignored. So I ripped the entire sock out.

On any other day I'd probably ball up the yarn, toss it in a closet, and try my best to forget about it. But I persevered, following the directions exactly as written (and they were written rather well--I just wasn't paying attention) and lo and behold, the first sock was finished, and it fit well. The second one went much faster, having learned from my mistakes. But I really don't care for them much. While the heel is very interesting, I think it detracts too much from the main sock pattern. I'll be gifting these to my SIL for Christmas.

Before the Leaflings I finished Anne Hanson's Pavé Socks. Truth be told, I wasn't in love with these while I knit them. But once I tried on the first finished sock, I was in love! What a perfect fit, and I do love the variation in the yarn--perfect for this pattern.

So have I bought any yarn lately? Only one really. This is Mama Llama Original Sock in colorway Night, which I bought from Woolgirl.

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