Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Planning Ahead

We'll be going on "vacation" the first weekend in August. To South Jersey, which is 6 hours each way. Plus three days with the in-laws. I'll need to bring two projects that are simple and mindless. One will be the Chevron Scarf. Yes, I probably am the last one to knit that pattern. And I should bring something else too in case there's a problem with the Chevron. Plus a pair of socks just in case. I'm drawing a blank on what the second project should be.

This morning I sat down with Victorian Lace Today and mapped out two projects. One will be "A curved shawl with diamond edging" knit in Sundara Silk Lace (the midnight that I just bought). That will be a Christmas gift for my Sister-In-Law. The other will be "A handsome triangle" knit in Posh's Eva 2-ply lace in color "Genie". That will be for me. And my mother visited today, and went straight for the Posh DK silk in "regal". I had been eyeing Anne's Morning Glory Wrap pattern for a while, and I had just matched the regal to the pattern. I guess that will be mom's Christmas gift.

It's pretty satisfying to have 2 major projects identified. Now I just have to start knitting them! And finish them by December!

I finished the first blue-grape hyacinth sock this morning. I like it a lot except for the end of the pattern at the toe. It will be clear in the finished photo. I followed the directions, but it just looks odd to me. And now I'm drawing a blank on what to start next. Maybe the Morning Glory, if I dare. Do I need a break from socks? Not necessarily, but I think I'd feel better to get a start on the Christmas presents early.

Here is my big Posh package which arrived yesterday:

On the left is one skein of Lucia sock yarn in "Artful". Dee sent this to me as a thank you for doing a wee favor for her. Dee is very sweet! Lovely color on that one. On the bottom are the 4 skeins of regal previously mentioned. On top of regal are three skeins of Silk DK in "Cherub". Not sure what I'll do with those. And on top are two skeins of Eva two-ply sock in "peacock". I thought this color was darker than it actually was. I was going to make socks for the SIL, but it doesn't quite match the other yarn. Oh dear! Guess I'll have to keep those for myself too! He-he.

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Oooh, I'm drooling - lovely yarn!