Saturday, July 07, 2007

All fired up

I finished the blue-grape hyacinth socks. See what I mean about the toe?

If I ever knit them again, I'll make the loops shorter, so they end perfectly. They also came out on the loose side. I used size 2 needle--I could probably drop it down to a 1 1/2, or a size 1 even, at least on the foot.

I cast on the morning glory wrap. Let me tell you, after knitting socks for over a month with size 1 and 2, using a size 8 is like knitting with a crayon. It's very very weird. I'm only 4 rows in, but I haven't made a mistake yet, so I'm pretty pleased. This wrap is knit in two halves, and then grafted together. Perhaps I'll take a break in between halves and fit in a pair of socks. I'd like to have the wrap finished before I leave on our "vacation" on 8/2.

Here's a weird story about bad yarn karma: Yesterday, Dee put up the Posh Yarn Preview. I'm scrolling through all of the lovelies, and I find a sock yarn called "Zeitgeist". That word tops my list of hated words. For the only reason that for many years, I listened to a talk show on my local NPR station called "The Connection". I hated the host. I thought he was an arrogant little sot. He liked to say zeitgeist at least every other day. Now he always used it correctly, but what kind of a person works that word into conversation so frequently? He was dismissed about 2 years ago and immediately picked up by a different NPR station, and frankly, I hadn't thought of him since then.

So I wrote to Dee and told her that I would have to buy that yarn because I hated the name so much. We had a good laugh.

A few hours later, while reading the paper at lunchtime, I find the the obituary of Mr. Zeitgeist's wife.

I don't think I should buy the yarn.

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