Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Boy, what a difference a day makes in the morning glory wrap! I'm on the second repeat of the body section, and it's looking SO much better!

I think it's plenty loose, and because it's 100% silk, it will have gorgeous drape, no matter how tight the knit. Phew! I'm really enjoying this pattern. I think I'll be making it longer than the pattern calls for, since the silk won't stretch much during blocking. Lucky I bought those two extra skeins! I think I will take a break in between the two halves, just so I don't get too tired of the pattern. After knitting socks for so long, it's hard to knit the same thing for more than a week.
A pink posh package arrived yesterday. In it were two skeins of Emily sock yarn. Sermon:

and Gloomy:

The colors are actually much deeper than these pictures show.
Thanks to the lovely Dee and Mr. P., I've got (or will be getting) the rest of the yarn required for Christmas gifts. It's nice to have those things nailed down.
Since Wimbledon ended, I've been watching this while knitting. I should have signed up for the knitalong. This will take me to the end of the month, and the dreaded "vacation". Hey, Sermon and Gloomy would be perfect company for me!


www.knittingnutter.com said...

The wrap is looking beautiful and yummy yarn!

Dee said...

Oooh, that looks gorgeous!!