Sunday, July 15, 2007

Halfway Mark

I finished the first half of morning glory yesterday. The instructions say that if you want to add length, then knit an extra four repeats. I added only one, and I think it will be a perfect length with a light blocking.
I'm taking a break before starting the second half. I cast on a sock in BMFA "henpecked". I love the way this yarn is striping. I'm making up my own pattern, with the inside out sock pattern as a base. I want to come up with a basic rib pattern I can use for STR mediumweight--which I've got about 25 skeins of. Because of the heavy color variation, I prefer a straight rib pattern to show off the colors better.
The new Knitpicks catalog came yesterday, and I immediately ordered these. I *love* knitting socks on metal dp's. So slippery.

I'll have photos of the new sock in the next post.

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Wow, what beautiful work!