Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I done something bad

It's not bad really. Just something I could have done without. I ordered ten skeins of yarn from Claudia.

Now the Loopy Ewe will be loading a bunch of her yarn in this week's sneak up, but being the impatient control freak that I am, I decided to order direct and get exactly what I want.

Here's the status of my modified Inside-Out sock:

Just about ready to turn the heel. I've decided that the inside-out will not be the perfect sock for me. I did the toe in size 00 and changed to size 0 for the instep. Knitting on that small of a needle is not my idea of perfection. I'll certainly finish the pair, but I'll be making some major changes on the next pair. Don't you just love the striping though?

In morning glory wrap news, I've cast on the second half. I'm not very comfortable having unfished stuff lying around. I hope to finish by the middle of next week.

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