Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm ready to give up. Almost.

Here's what I did this weekend:

This is Socks that Rock Meiumweight in Backstabber. It's supposed to be Trystero. The pattern calls for STR lightweight with size 1 needles, but I used mediumweight because I thought it would be too small. Knitting mediumweight STR with size 1 needles is not fun. It makes a very dense fabric, and oy, the cables! So tight. I worked nearly to the heel flap and decided that it was just too small. Although it fit over my foot, it was quite stretched, and I was worried that it wouldn't be comfortable. Another time, another day, I may have continued. In cases like these, sometimes I just muscle through in denial. One explanation is that I just want to finish off another skein of yarn and cross it off the list so I can get to the next one. But this time I knew that if I went up a needle size I'd get a near perfect fit. So I ripped.

I started over with the larger needle and was feeling groovy. Until I finished the ribbing and was ready to start the first pattern repeat. It was then that I realized I did the ribbing wrong. Again, I considered ignoring the mistake and continuing. At this point it was late Sunday afternoon, and I really had made no knitting progress this weekend. But I stopped and ripped again. And started over. Again.

So it's Monday AM and I'm halfway through the first pattern repeat. It's looking good, and I've made no mistakes. If I have to rip this sucker again, I might just give in and start something else.

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. We've had two birthdays in the house, a number of parties, and far too much cake. Things will quiet down this week, except that My Favorite People are arriving this weekend.

So what have I done in two weeks?

Wollmeise socks:

This is the color Velichen. I haven't seen this colorway in any of the recent updates--I wonder if it's been retired. The pattern is Charlene Schurch's Grapevine. It's very subtle, and I like the way it works with the color, even though it doesn't really look like the pattern photo in the book.

And here we have some Monkeys in numma numma ToastyBoo, color Rhubarb. This yarn base has been discontinued, but will soon be replaced by something even better. These socks are a gift for my Mom for Mothers' Day, and are my first knitted gift of 2008.

Book #12 First Friends

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