Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I am left-handed
2. I have a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science
3. I like all nuts save for Pistachios
4. I make my own granola
5. I used to wear Prada shoes. Now I wear Birkenstocks and Crocs
6. I have marched in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
7. I am a third generation Italian-American
8. I don’t know how to pump gas
9. I’m not a pet person
10. I eat red meat
11. I vote
12. I am not allergic to any foods
13. The only foreign country I’ve been to is France
14. I played the clarinet for 12 years
15. I quit smoking on March 22, 2005 after smoking for 18 years
16. I met my husband in the personal ads of a free newspaper (he answered my ad)
17. I am afraid of the dentist
18. I don’t like most fruit, but I will eat most vegetables
19. One of my ears is slightly lower than the other, making it very difficult for me to get glasses to fit properly
20. I started watching the Young and the Restless last year, after taking a 23 year break from the show. Not much has changed.
21. I failed Biology in College
22. I am a compulsive email checker
23. I like Starbucks
24. I was once $13,000 in credit card debt. We now live debt free.
25. I am a conscientious recycler
26. I used to need 10 hours of sleep per night but now I’m fine with only 5.
27. My lips are perpetually chapped
28. I never learned Roman numerals in school
29. I am afraid of bridges and large bodies of water
30. I don’t do boats (see above)
31. I’m afraid to get on an elevator by myself
32. My parents tell me I was reading the newspaper at 4 years old but I don’t remember
33. I used to collect first edition Nancy Drew mysteries
34. I watch too much tv
35. I read every day, for at least one hour
36. I don’t like wearing hats
37. I have not worn machine-made socks in two years
38. I can wiggle my ears
39. Julia Child is one of my heroes
40. I read at least one newspaper every day
41. My favorite color is green
42. I like bad weather
43. I have a perfect driving record. Not even a parking ticket
44. I sometimes fantasize about living off the grid
45. My first computer was an Apple IIe
46. I can’t do math in my head
47. I love dark chocolate
48. I didn’t learn to parallel park until I was in my 30’s
49. I subscribe to too many magazines
50. I edited my high school yearbook
51. I took nine years of Spanish
52. I have never done an all-nighter for any reason
53. When I was 12 I broke my wrist in two places
54. I cannot sleep unless my shoulders are covered
55. I don’t enjoy seeing movies in theaters
56. I usually get out of bed before 5am
57. I am an impatient person
58. I would rather be indoors than out of doors
59. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise
60. I have lived in New England my whole life
61. I once baked 83 dozen Christmas cookies in one month
62. I listen to NPR
63. I don’t wear lipstick
64. I believe most of what people tell me
65. I despise fat free cheese
66. My husband and I placed the same order for Chinese food at the same restaurant nearly every Saturday for nearly 10 years
67. I would like to visit Japan some day
68. I read 59 books last year
69. We bought the fourth house the real estate agent showed us on our first day of looking
70. I have a cell phone but never use it
71. I attended a semifinal World Cup Match (Men’s)
72. I do not like Indian food
73. I drink my coffee with 1% milk, no sugar
74. I don’t like to speak in public
75. I don’t enjoy pedicures
76. I like predictability
77. I didn’t stop trick or treating until I was in high school
78. I can’t remember the last wedding I attended
79. My great-grandmother, Egidia Meraviglia, passed through Ellis Island in 1907. She was 16 years old.
80. I don’t like wearing open-toed shoes
81. I can’t drive a standard
82. I bring my own bags to the grocery store
83. I am terrible at remembering names
84. I love watching Top Chef
85. I am always early for appointments. Sometimes very early
86. I don’t often lose things, but when I do, it drives me mad
87. I think some of my neighbors are a little strange. I’m sure they think the same of me.
88. The smell of bananas makes me ill
89. I prefer wheat bread to white
90. My husband and I maintain separate bank accounts
91. I cannot tolerate an inefficient vacuum cleaner
92. If I had enough room in my house I would buy a loom
93. I can hold a grudge longer than I should
94. Lucille Ball still makes me laugh
95. I am a terrible photographer
96. I am successful in programming our VCR about half the time
97. I have never eaten a Krispy Kreme donut
98. I don’t like scary movies
99. My favorite season is fall
100. I have been summoned to jury duty twice in my life but I have never served.


Allen said...

OMG! We were separated at birth! I am telling you honestly we have at least 70% of this in common - I am left handed, but I have had a krispy kreme (I'm southern - it's a religion here), and I can do math in my head. Really very small differences... hmmm...

Rick said...

I'll need to create my own list now, but I quite enjoyed reading this. I'm glad I was mentioned a few times, since I'm your husband and all.

Anonymous said...

I think if every human being did this they would learn a little about themselves.