Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's embarrassing, really

So Wednesday the mailman brought me my Wollmeise package from Germany:

Stunning, isn't it? From left to right, Versuchskaninchen 2 (light), Paul (dark), Vincent (dark), and Johannisbeer und Brennessel (light and medium). This is all 100% superwash merino. They are all gorgeous, but my favorite is the farthest right.

Also on Wednesday, Sheri loaded the Wollmeise sneakup. There were many people who stayed up all night on tuesday waiting for it. At around 8am, I parked myself at the computer, set the Loopy Ewe's "What's New" page on autorefresh every 30 seconds, and vowed to wait it out. It happened at around 10:30. When I saw the new colors pop up my heart started to pound. I just threw stuff in my cart and checked out as fast as I could. Then I came back and tried for more, but they disappeared from my cart before I could checkout. Which is fine, because this is what I ended up with:

Yeah, that's six skeins. From left to right is Lowenzahn, Farn, Suzanne, am kalten Polar, Paul, and Emil. All are 80/20 and medium.

There were a lot of people who were shut out of this sneakup. I can't claim any advantage, other than being at the computer at the right time. The autorefresh was helpful, but not crucial. It sold out in 5 minutes, so if you faltered at all, you lost. I just got lucky. Twice.

So that brings my Wollmeise stash to ginormous proportions, and I think I'll take a break from it for a while.

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