Monday, August 06, 2007


I didn't have time for that last post before we left on "vacation". We didn't have a very good time, and are relieved that it's over. Here's the highlight for me:

This was taken in a strip mall outside of Danbury, Connecticut. Lord help the person who tries to find their phone number in the white pages.

We arrived home to find a box from the loopy ewe. Sheri threw in a sneak-up right before we went away. I was able to get some good stuff--from left to right:

GypsyKnits BFL superwash in Blue Moon, Rose Garden, and Giggle. And Fiesta Boomerang in Plum Pudding. I think the rose garden will make some nice monkey's for my mom. And the Giggle will probably turn into monkeys as well. Not sure on the blue moon or the boomerang. As an aside, Ravelry tells me that Boomerang has been discontinued. I guess I'm lucky I got some when I did.

There was very little knitting done while I was away. I did manage to finish the first checky waves sock:

You can't really see the stitch pattern in this photo, and that's probably for the best. It doesn't compliment the yarn very well, and I'm afraid I made a poor choice with it. But I've cast on for the second sock and I'm committed to finishing it. Unfortunately, it's taking longer than usual since I've made the leg longer than usual, and I'm using a size 0 needle. Slow going.

I also brought with me Miss Lambert's shawl, which is in danger of being abandoned, and the chevron scarf. I didn't touch either of them, although I have been taking the chevron to HRH's gymnastics class with me. An hour a week and it's not going very quickly.

We're still licking our wounds here after that stressful trip, but I think we'll right ourselves soon. On the brighter side, we've become much more thankful and appreciative for the people in our lives who can just let us be and treat us like the intelligent adults we are.

Thank God for yarn.

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