Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starts and Stops

Smooshy socks are done!

These were wonderful to knit. And a near-perfect fit. I had 34g of yarn left over, so this skein will make a pretty heft pair of socks. I can't wait until Sheri restocks the Dream in Color because it just perfect in every way.

I cast on some Monkey socks for my mom, in Gypsyknits BFL. It was looking a bit small but I mustered on. After I completed the gusset I attempted to try it on. With a bit of huffing and puffing, I did get it on, but it was, er, snug.

So I let it sit overnight, thinking it would mysteriously stretch overnight. Well big surprise, it didn't. So I ripped it and started over. This time the pattern is "stems" from More Sensational Knitted Socks, knit on 72 stitches. I've nearly finished the leg, and it still looks small, but this pattern has much more give. I'll remain hopeful. The yarn held up very well to the frogging, and it's very nice to work with. I usually don't like such a fine ply, but I might just make an exception for this one. And the more I look at it, the more I like the colorway. It will be hard to give it up.

In the mail last week was my sock club kit from the Yarn Tree. I heard about the club from Cara. It was pretty expensive--$250 for 5 months, but Cara's endorsement was key and I joined months ago. I'll have to say that the kit was pretty impressive yarn. Schaefer Anne (which I've never knit with--it's very fine (open minds, I know, I know), a gorgeous cable/lace pattern, and a bag. The bag was just over the top, I think. It's beautiful. And reversible!. I may just turn it into a purse.

In other news, I have destashed 5 skeins of STR via ebay (yay me!) And I've traded another skein through ravelry. I'm also expecting the Sundara sock club and STR sock club shipments to arrive by the end of the month. Better finish mom's socks fast!

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