Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It's resolution time, and I have three for 2007.

1. I will sell $2000 worth of stuff in this house. That will include the yard sale we've been trying to have for two years.

2. I will read 60 books in 2007. Five of them must be classics. I average about a book a week, so this will be a challenge.

3. (And it's the big one), I will buy no yarn until July 1, 2007.

Exceptions to resolution #3 (Oh come on, did you really think there wouldn't be any exceptions?)

1. This does not include any yarn already ordered (From Yarntini, Pureknits, and a whopper box from Yarnmarket) that hasn't arrived yet.

2. This does not include yarn needed to make gifts--and I'm thinking of at least two so far.

3. This does not include yarn to finish my log cabin blanket. The only place I have seen this yarn is at my LYS, and if I do buy it, it will be during their annual superbowl sale.

4. Gifts (My birthday is February 1--guess what I'll be asking for?)

There. I've said it.

Progress (or lack thereof) will be noted here.

So I never recovered from the sock disaster. I ripped the whole thing out, and even considered pitching the yarn in the trash, but I didn't. Instead, I cast on with Yarntini's cherry cordial yarn, using the same pattern I screwed up. That was tempting fate a little bit, but I cruised through the pair and finished them on Christmas Day. And here they are:

Yarn: Yarntini's variegated cherry cordial sock yarn, one skein
Pattern: Fiber Trends Lupine Lace
Needles: Cover US#1 double pointed
Modifications: The pattern called for 7 repeats of the lace pattern on the leg--I did only 6 and think they are plenty tall

Here's what the mailman brought me on the 23rd:

Sundara Yarn! Yes, this time I got lucky, and it was still available by the time I emailed her. From left to right: superwash merino wool sock yarn in lime and cilantro, superwash merino wool sock yarn in bittersweet, and 100% silk laceweight in charcoal over silver. Poor Sundara got caught in that terrible storm in Seattle, and STILL sent her orders out --without heat or electricity. Thanks Sundara! (and Sundara's mom!)

And here's what Santa brought on the 25th:

The yarn to knit "Fair Isle Jazz" scarf from Scarf Style. Love this scarf. Love the yarn, love the pattern. BUT. I RAN OUT OF YARN. I HATE that. I requested exactly what was specified, and I'm not even close. I'll need another 1/3 skein at least of the raspberry red. I've ordered more from Yarnmarket, which is where Santa got them, so I'm hoping that the dye lot will match. If it doesn't, I don't think it will matter much since I'll be starting the new wool in a separate section. But still, designers, take note. PLEASE don't skimp on the yarn requirements.

And also from Santa:

Socks that Rock mediumweight. From top to bottom: Jingle Bell Rock, Love-In-Idleness, and Puck's mischief. I am also so very, very lucky to be one of the one's to have registered for Blue Moon's Rockin Sock Club 2007.

As you can see, I've got plenty of yarn to get me started in 2007. And the funny party is that my first FO for 2007 is from yarn not mentioned in this post.

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