Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thanks Mr. Postman!!!

My surprise package did indeed arrive, and prepare yourself for some gushing. I read about Yarntini's yarn on someone's blog, but it was all sold out at Wahhhh! I subscribe to her blog, so I was alerted to her adding some inventory to her Etsy shop. By the time I got there, there were only two variegated colorways left--the elusive cherry cordial, and pumpkin twist. So I ordered one of each (fingering weight). Well let me tell you, Yarntini is just a doll to do business with, and they yarn? Oy. It came prettily wrapped in pink tissue. Each skein was in its own plastic bag (great drool protection), AND she included a pot of lip goo in chocolatini flavor. Yikes! Is this the most gorgeous yarn you've ever seen? Love it, love it, love it!

On a sadder note, my love affair with fair isle is over, I think. I don't know what went wrong. Maybe it was the hat. I haven't made one in over a year, and I'd forgotten how niddly it gets towards the end. Maybe it was the monotony of the pattern. I'm committed to finishing this one (there's only 2 rows left), and the second one for my SIL (unfotrunately in the same colors, but a different pattern). After that I'll take a break. Which is unfortunate, because I really do like the end product. I'd like to have one for myself in fact. Anyone out there want to knit one for me? And then I was contemplating making one for Da Man. He wants a hat with the Boston Bruins logo, and I'm wondering if I can take a black background, with yellow B's and turn it into fairisle.

By Christmas.


=Tamar said...

If you look at the original Fair Isle, you'll see that they changed the pattern and the colors every six or 9 or 11 rounds. Some of the best even change the little designs inside the diamonds so every one is different within the round! (That takes some planning!) Even many of the 2-color patterns I've seen will change the pattern so you don't get so bored.

So don't give up on colorwork yet!

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is beautiful! Sorry to hear about the love end with fair isle. I love the 'complex' look it gives. Btw, the Bruins hat would indeed be a nice gift. Certainly more endearing yet much less expensive than an Xbox.