Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One week already?

Since my last post?

I was intending to do a few posts, but I kept saying to myself "wait until..."

So, I guess I waited!

The lotus cardigan is complete.

I did a fantastic job seaming it, if I do say so myself. So I tried it on, a little loose in the bust, but acceptable. Looked in the mirror...Oh...my...god.

See that peplum? That pretty much doubles the width of your hips. It was not at all a flattering look. I'm not sure that a smaller size would have helped much either. So the finished sweater has been put away. I love it, but I can't wear it.

I finished the bellamoden socks too!

I love this color palette.

And I've nearly finished some Claudia Handpainted sport short in Peppermint Mocha:

That's my new Loopy Ewe mug I got at last week's sneakup. There was another sneakup last night, which I did not partake in. Apparently the Wollmeise went in a flash, and more than a few people got upset that skeins were snatched from their cart before they checked out. I can sympathize, but I don't have to put myself through that stress (more on that in a few days). None of the other yarns in the sneakup grabbed me, so I'm passing this week. Shocking, isn't it?

Before I forget,

Book #2 Suburbanistas
Book #3 Shopaholic and Baby

And it snowed.

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