Thursday, November 01, 2007

White Meat or Dark?

Hooray! Halloween is over and that means it's a straight shot through three weeks to Thanksgiving, and another month until Christmas. These are my two favorite holidays.

Let's tie up some loose ends.

My So Called Scarf II was finished last weekend:

My So Called Scarf III is about 4 feet long and I hope to finish it this weekend. It looks just like the one above, only shorter. Lord, I am tired of this stitch pattern but there's only a couple of more days left of if before I can move on.

I finished the first Lenore sock, and have turned the heel on the second.
I've got no complaints with this pattern. Extremely well written with notes to accommodate a wide range of sizes. I hope to have this finished this weekend too. Two big toes up for this one. I've also received my 2008 Rockin Sock Club confirmation, so no worries that I'll miss anything next year. The Club is open to new members today, so be sure to check the Blue Moon website.

In the mail this week was this:

That's Schafer Miss Priss in colorway Julia Child. I had to exercise a lot of patience with this yarn--it took 6 weeks to arrive but now that I've seen it, it's well worth the wait. I've got 5 skeins ready for Mr. Greenjeans. I'm wondering if I can finish it in time for Thanksgiving. Probably not. I love the colors. I might just have to get some matching socks in Heather!

Also in the mail was my ill-gotten-gains from the latest Loopy Ewe sneakup. I wasn't intending to order anything, but I did have a $25 credit to use, so I picked up a few patterns, and one skein of Sheepaints Bamboolaine. The colorway is...interesting. I'm not even quite sure why I bought it--it was labeled Turqey, but after looking around her website, I found that it was actually called Turkey. And then it all made sense to me. You can see a photo of the color on her website here. Now I ask you, doesn't that make you want to go baste something?

Book #51--Hungry Hill

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