Friday, November 09, 2007

Proud Moment

I finished the first Little Gems Mitts:

I was quite pleased with it, and then turned it inside out to weave in the ends:

It looks almost professional, doesn't it? I hope to finish the mate this weekend. Also off the needles is Lenore:

This pattern was wonderful, but I've decided that the finished product just isn't me. So they're going to my mom (she who wears black. lots of black.)

The Loopy Ewe had a sneakup on tuesday, and while I had every intention of passing, four skeins just hopped in my cart. From left to right, Yarn Nerd Love and Peace or Else, and Dot Matrix, Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Stone, and Numma Numma Toasty in Olive Tapenade. Yarn Nerd and Toasty have very similar base yarns--they might even be the same. The Sea Wool I'm not so crazy about. Apparently I already had a skein in my stash, but it was packaged differently and I didn't make the connection. I might have to offer this up for a swap. Although the colors might work for my mom...

Also in the mail this week was the Thanksgiving package from Chewy Spaghetti's Holiday sock club:

It's called Thankful '07. I think it's very varsity!

Blue Moon has unveiled their Raven collection, and although I like the colors a lot, I haven't ordered any yet. They look so similar on the screen I'm going to wait and see how they look knit up. Thank goodness for Ravelry.

I've made a few other purchases this week, but they haven't arrived yet. Next week...

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