Monday, June 02, 2008

The Problem With Parsley

I love using fresh parsley. So when springtime comes I plant several seedlings and use them until the frost kills them in the fall.

A couple of years ago, I encountered a problem.

Something was eating it. I thought it was a one-time deal. The sprigs would grow back, and then bam, down to stumps again. So last year I tried this:

I thought by raising the plants up in a pot, they would be too tall for whatever was eating it. Well, you can see that that didn't work so well either. And that irritates me to know end, because why pay $5 a week for a bunch of parsley at the farm stand when it's so easy (on paper) to grow it yourself.

After school today I was outside watering the plants, and we saw this:

That's a groundhog. He's just a baby, and we saw Mom and his two brothers/sisters but they ran away. This guy hung around to watch us. And he didn't mind at all when I crept up to take a photo of him.

Do you think if I gave him his own plant, he'd leave mine alone?

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