Saturday, November 18, 2006

This N That


Is the Vogue holiday braided scarf. I finished it on Tuesday just as I had hoped. I even had enough time to cast on for the second green one. I'm almost done with the second finger, and I'm hoping to finish the green scarf by the 30th. Right now I'm ahead of schedule, but I'm cooking on Thursday, so I'm sure I'll lose at least a day of knitting there.

And THAT...

Is three skeins of Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple in colorway Ruby Wine. This is for the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. It's a Christmas gift for my mum. 97% of mum's wardrobe is black, so this is a bold move. I wonder if she'll ever wear it. But honestly, a red shawl over a black blouse is going to look a heck of a lot better than a black shawl over a black blouse, right?


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